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Multiple Sclerosis

Adventures, Misadventures and Random Thoughts

“Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a journey no one chooses, but many travel. In ‘MS Misadventures: Part One’, author Rosemary Hutton bravely opens the pages of her life, unveiling the raw and real experiences of her sudden diagnosis. This gripping memoir takes readers on a poignant journey through the tumultuous eighteen months following her life-changing news.

Rosemary’s story is a tapestry of emotions, weaving through moments of fear, hope, despair, and resilience. Her narrative is more than just a chronicle of a disease; it’s a window into the soul of someone grappling with the unknown. Her candid reflections and ‘random thoughts’ offer a unique perspective on living with MS, challenging readers to see the world through her eyes.

Are Rosemary’s experiences familiar to you? Can her reflections help you navigate your own path, or better understand the journey of a loved one? ‘MS Misadventures: Part One’ is not just a book about illness; it’s about life, loss, and the unexpected paths we find ourselves on.

Rosemary Hutton wearing dark glasses

About Rosemary

Have you been diagnosed, or know someone, with Multiple Sclerosis? New author, Rosemary Hutton, provides encouragement and support which she hopes will help overcome the anxiety, anger, and fear created by this diagnosis. In her first book, from a series describing her remote and adventurous travels with MS, Rosemary relates her first days and months in dealing with this heartbreaking disease. It is emotive, informative, funny, inspiring, and, in future volumes, intends to include reflections from fellow MSers.

Rosemary Hutton

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